What is Bloom Beauty Collective

Bloom Beauty Collective is a production agency that curates runway shows, popups and workshops through fashion and beauty. While cultivating and encouraging living a holistic lifestyle through fitness, nutrition and mental awareness. Our collective of creative entrepreneurs give back to the community through mentoring and internship programs for underprivileged youth and our peers. We will innovate, evolve, and excel!

Being a successful creative entrepreneur in the beauty and entertainment industry, I wanted to share with like-minded individuals that are of colour, that it is possible to live a positive and holistic lifestyle and make a living as a creative by thinking outside the box. That living a healthy lifestyle is crucial

We are in a state in the world where we need to think positive to push through adversity. Not to say we should ignore whats going on, but find a positive way to deal with negative issues in our nation. We live in a country that strives off of a corporate mentality. The purpose of this collective is to bring creative entrepreneurs, who are like minded to help mentor and educate our generation and the next, to strive to take their God-given gifts and implement them into a profound career. The only way to do that is to have a clear mind, a healthy body, and a positive spirit, hence BLOOM!